Our Services


Welcome to our services page!

Here we list some of the professional and affordable services we have on offer today.

If you have any questions about anything then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The most commonly used service we offer is the delivery and supply of generic Lanyards. These can range from Staff, student. visitor. To Team A, Team Leader and other similar phrases. These are much cheaper than the Bespoke lanyards as they are thinner and only come in set designs and colours. They are very cost efficient and can work in almost any working environment.

Bespoke Lanyards

Like the generic lanyards, this service is used daily. We offer a wide range and style of lanyards that can be fully customised with logos, gradients and contact info. These are wider than generic lanyards and are available in a wide range of materials from woven to nylon. These of course cost a little more than the generic lanyards but for anyone who is looking to improve brand exposure and professionalism then these are perfect for you.

Visitor Management

For this service, we work alongside a partner, we offer a huge range of sign in software’s, fire safety software’s and even inventory software’s.

If you would like to learn more about the products we offer regarding this service then please get in touch.

Design Extras

Many times, we have had customers come to us for some personalised lanyards but they don’t even have a logo? For most companies, this is unusual as it is often depicted as the brand face, but none the less we can design and re-build logos. We of course change a design fee but it is MUCH cheaper than using a sole design company. We have many professional designers that will take care of the issues for you


Please contact us if you have any questions.