Lanyard Security

August 7, 2017 Uncategorized 0

For most companies, a name tag is a sufficient form of security, this allows staff to be easily distinguished from the public. But for security firms it is a little different… a name badge is not enough for them to get along with their job.

As security companies often use specialist softwares/hardware’s it does not come as a surprise that sometimes they may lose important things they lose daily such as rugged phones, keyfobs and cameras. This is completely avoidable. Lanyards are essential when it comes to carrying the small yet important things in your life! Why not check out this full range of ID cards by searching “Complete lanyard solutions”, there are many sites available that can provide specialist lanyards… Just ensure you do your research before making the final decision as prices and quality can vary.

Lanyards can be used for many things that people don’t think of. For instance, if a builder on a building site must walk 5 minutes every time they need to use safety glasses or goggles they will simply not use them. That is why we suggest that they are attached to lanyards around the neck. This way that are in reach and it is no issue retrieving them… you don’t have to remember where they put them down or anything! It is also a fantastic opportunity for companies to gain positive brand exposure because if a member of your company has a nice custom lanyard on featuring your logo it will seem that your business is proactive and modern.

Any business can benefit from lanyards weather you are small or big! They provide a lot for their worth and can make a difference straight away no matter how small they are, here at Opaque we would recommend any business to at least look into the prospect of lanyards as they are not expensive and are really an essential in the 21st century. Below is an image depicting some features of a lanyard you may find interesting.

As you can see there is some pretty useful information above but if you would like to learn more… don’t hesitate to contact us!