We began in 1998, slowly recruiting and training passionate coders and programmers, our aim was to create an entire “Computer literate” Business. A big issue was that everyone worked with technology but no one knew what it was doing and how to fix even the smallest issue. This meant that many tech reliant businesses experienced issues for years as the staff was not properly trained and shown how to use the machines. That is why we only employed people with at least the basic understand of technology and how it worked. This allowed the company to rapidly evolve into a tech giant. We use all the latest industry software and we can easily recognise issues and resolve them. This means we have much more time focusing on what really matters, the customers… We can describe (in detail) the process of the lanyards and even the visitor management software. Nowadays as much more people understand technology it is not as important but we still like to keep all our staff up to date with all modern tech and software’s.  Therefore in our opinion we have become the business we are today.


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