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For anyone and everyone, Generic lanyards are perfect for schools, hospitals and other businesses if you are on a tight budget!


Bespoke Lanyards

Are you looking for professionalism? The edge? Free Advertising? Then company style lanyards are brilliant if you wish to develop brand awareness.


Visitor Management

Are you sick of having to get each of you visitors to sign in? Making them awkwardly look at their watch and scribble down a time? Then Check out Visitor Managment.


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Rocket Boy Inc are a experienced team of computer programmers and business people who are up and coming in the software and lanyard industry. We came about in 1998 and reformed in 2005 with fresh financial backing and the addition of three more skilled programmers with business minds. Our background is in the security sector we have worked to provide systems for things like access control. We have a passion for improving security software.This has led to us creating a software that is specifically designed to create a personalised lanyard design and send straight to a world leading supplier of lanyards. Our software will enable you to create a completely bespoke lanyard design to your business and then send to be printed to Lesar. This helps to improve your security to your business because the personalised lanyards that you will design with our software cannot be easily copied by any potential scammers or disgruntled staff.Not only do we create our own software for things like lanyards but we also create software for visitor management. Really expanding into this realm was really a natural progression for us as we saw the combination between lanyards and security. Really identification accessories like lanyards and id cards are something that combined with a good visitor management software leads to a very efficient software system. This system that we have made is really been brought forward to the modern day era with elements being hosted in the cloud whilst working side by side with an offline solution that will enable you to keep sensitive data stored locally at all times keeping your security really tight.What we suggest is that our clients start by using the lanyard and identification card software then work on there security system from there, you see when it comes to systems and security there is rarely a one size fits all. Therefore we would much prefer to allow you to scale with your own system and that way we can work closely with you to customise the processes. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 455 755 or via email at

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Beautiful Illustrations…

For many years we have designed things such as bespoke lanyards and on a few occasions we have also done differant designs such as logo-rebuilds and ID card templates to match the lnayards we supply. This has lead to us building a really strong graphics team that can surely take on any challenge you may have. If you would like to talk to a designer or enquire about some of the design services we offer then please get in contact so we can arrange a call that is convenient for both partys.


What Our Clients Say

We like to let our clients publicly give opinions of our service, below is a few examples of what they had to say…

“Beautiful artwork, the whole process was quick and easy. If i could give a rating it would be 5 stars.”

Anna Johnson
School co-ordinator

“I was especially impressed with the turn around on my amazing lanyards. They came days earlier than expected which is a big plus in my book.”

Eric Blacks
dental practice owner

“From start to finish i had no issues. The lovely customer service team supported me at everystep. 10/10!

John Collins
 Private Hospital manager

Enjoy the best design and functions  combined together

As we offer Bespoke lanyards, we do not just throw a logo on them and send them to print. We take your business ideas and style. Which we then craft into a moodboard filled with ideas that will make them pop and stand out.



It may not come to mind when looking at lanyards but saftey is a big part of the design. We only use lanyards with tested breakways. This is so the lanyard cannot be used to choke or injure a person. It also prevents harm when caught or snagged on somthing.

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Industry standard Designs.

We are a modern business, with moderm views and aims. That is why all of our softwares are modern and upto date too. This allows us to create any style/design possible

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Lanyards are great, they usually come with a standard lobster clip at the end to hold items on such as keys or an id card. This can be restrictive when around the neck and not too practicle. That is why we offer a wide range of lanyos, clips and holders to allow usablitly everywhere.

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The Four essentials…

The Secret of Success

Many people will disagree, but these are the four points we think are the most important when it comes to a proffessional and useful service.


We ensure quality, we do not offer faulty services. We have our products and we know what we can and cant do so we always provide the best possible outcome we can.


Nobody likes to wait long, we know what it is like to meet deadlines and thats why we are fully optimized and have refined our processes to the most efficient stage possible.


We are for the people, we are of course a profitable company but we are not tight. We try and make each and every product as cost effective as possible.

Customer Service

At the heart of every business is the customer service team, they are the face and voice of our company so each and every member of the team is fully trained and equiped to tackle any issue that could arrise.

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